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Schön wie Ihr Herzschlag.

Der BYONIK Effekt.
Bio-Lifting mit Pulse-Triggered-Laser und Hyaluron.


Für Schönheit,
die Ihrem Herzen folgt.

Sanft, aber
 hoch effektiv.
Ganz Ihre Natur.

Das erste Bio-Lifting, das sich an Ihrem Pulsschlag orientiert: Der PTL-Laser von BYONIK regt Zellfunktionen an, die elementar sind für ein jugendliches Aussehen. Das BYONIK Hyaluron sorgt für mehr Volumen und schenkt der Haut Feuchtigkeit.

Genießen Sie die wohltuende und schmerzfreie Behandlung mit sofort sichtbarem Effekt.

Innovativ und effektiv.
BYONIK Wissenschaft.

Alle Informationen über die wissenschaftliche Basis unserer Produkte, entdecken Sie die Wirkungsweise unserer Pulse-Triggered-Laser-Technology, des patentierten BYONIK-Lasers im Zusammenspiel mit unserem Hyaluron-Gel.


Genießen Sie die wohltuende und schmerzfreie Behandlung mit sofort sichtbarem Effekt.


Patentiertes Bio-Lifting mit Pulse-Triggered-Laser und Hyaluron.

Byonik Pflege

Die perfekten Begleiter.
Und alles Spezialisten.

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BYONIK Special products

BYONIK Creoline

Boost volume with i-cosmetic®.

The exclusive Informational Cosmetics® from beauty lumis are based on a simple, intelligent principle. i-cosmetic provides your skin with information intended to make the cells of your subcutaneous tissue more voluminous – which diminishes the appearance of wrinkles. A premium aromatic resin, obtained from a special myrrh tree, is responsible for this effect.


Firming mask for cell-deep beauty. The ultimate anti-aging mask.

As soon as you start to apply BYONIK HIGH ENERGY POWER MASK, you will delight in its refreshing fragrance and wonderfully silky texture. The gel mask infuses your skin with abundant moisture, reduces signs of tiredness, and leaves you looking fresh and radiant. Extracts of plant stem cells and hyaluronic acid protect the DNA and have antioxidant and detoxifying properties. Fine lines and wrinkles are minimised and the skin is regenerated – for a young and radiant complexion.


Intensive care applied as mask or at night

BYONIK® MASK & NIGHT CARE is a rich cream that imparts a pleasant feeling of well-being and freshness. It provides your skin with valuable substances, allowing it to replenish its reserves of energy. The result is skin which looks and feels cared-for, with a firmer, finer and more toned complexion.Use BYONIK® MASK & NIGHT CARE as a mask or for night care. This rich cream with its delicate texture regenerates the skin’s natural barrier function, improves its moisture balance and reduces wrinkles, leaving the skin feeling silky and looking radiant. You will also notice an increase in vitality and harmony.


Our newest generation of aesthetic cosmetics. To revitalize and smooth your skin.

Developed based on research into the wrinkle-smoothing effects of hyaluronic acid and peptide. Discover BYONIK® ANTI-AGING COMPLEX – the intensive concentrate from our newest generation of aesthetic cosmetics. A special anti-aging peptide is used in combination with short- and long-chain hyaluronates to revitalise the structure of the skin and replenish its moisture reserves. Applied regularly, it leaves the skin looking firm and smooth. BYONIK® ANTI-AGING COMPLEX is suitable for use on the face, neck, décolleté and hands.


Wake-up call for bright eyes.
Refreshing pads with nourishing collagen effect.

Eye-pads from BYONIK® refresh and care for the area under your eyes with pure, freeze-dried collagen. The pads provide intensive moisturising for the sensitive skin of this zone, reduce puffiness and minimise signs of tiredness. BYONIK® PURE COLLAGEN EYE PADS are your best friends after long days and short nights or before important events.