BYONIK Skin care products



The scientifically based formula of BYONIK® HIGH ENERGY CELLOMER SERUM lives up to the highest expectations. This innovative serum prepares your skin for your daily care regimen by supporting its elementary functions. Active substances play a decisive role in diminishing frown lines, while long- and ultra-short-chain hyaluronic acids contribute to hydration and regeneration. Extracts of balloon plant and linolenic acids contained in black currant seed oil protect and sooth the skin.


BYONIK HIGH ENERGY CELLOMER CREME The highest level of anti-aging care

BYONIK® HIGH ENERGY CELLOMER CREAM is based on new scientific findings on cell protection. Its ingredients are members of the anti-aging elite: antarcticine, platinum, telomere-protecting lipids, hyaluronic acid and special messenger peptides. Used regularly, this rich blend of premium botanical oils and high-tech active substances reduces visible signs of aging on the face, neck and décolleté.




A must-have for your skin.Basic care that seals in freshness, with premium ceramides

BYONIK® SEAL imbues your skin with long-lasting, intensive freshness while at the same time strengthening its protective function. The active ingredient black oat provides deep moisturising and gives your skin a vitality you’ll feel immediately. Provitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and biotin combine with a maximum amount of rich ceramides to help your skin create a seal of freshness which protects it from environmental damage.


BYONIK MASTERCARE Effective both day and night. Regenerating care with lifting effect

Discover ideal, lightly mattifying day and night care – all in a single product. BYONIK® MASTER CARE gently envelops the skin, and, used regularly, imbues it with youthful elasticity and a smooth complexion. ID-L, the main active substance, is extraordinarily powerful. The dipeptide, which occurs naturally in the skin, stimulates the synthesis of important components which are involved in the complex formation of elastin. Furthermore, the formula contains ceramides, phytohormones and extract of red algae, premium ingredients which firm the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


Treat your skin to vitality and hydration. Intensive care applied as mask or at night.

BYONIK® MASK & NIGHT CARE is a rich cream that imparts a pleasant feeling of well-being and freshness. It provides your skin with valuable substances, allowing it to replenish its reserves of energy. The result is skin which looks and feels cared-for, with a firmer, finer and more toned complexion. Use BYONIK® MASK & NIGHT CARE as a mask or for night care. This rich cream with its delicate texture regenerates the skin’s natural barrier function, improves its moisture balance and reduces wrinkles, leaving the skin feeling silky and looking radiant. You will also notice an increase in vitality and harmony.


A real eye-catcher. Intensive anti-aging formula for the area around the eyes.

Boost your powers of attraction with an irresistibly radiant look. BYONIK® VIEW uses an anti-aging formula that can lend more elasticity and firmness to the especially delicate skin around the eyes. The formula contains a special active substance that gives you a more youthful appearance by firming the upper eyelid. In addition, hyaluronic acid, provitamin B5 and betaine give the skin a smoother look and bring about a long-lasting improvement in its moisture balance.

BYONIK Concur Facemist


Revitalising spray as a protective companion when you’re on the go.

Now you can take action against pollution and ageing even while you’re on the go. The gentle power of the CONCUR FACE MIST effectively protects you from skin damage resulting from environmental factors and is ideal for when you are on the move. Simply close your eyes and spray the gently refreshing mist over your face, throat and neckline several times a day. The special anti-pollution and anti-ageing formula is activated instantly.

BYONIK Concur Fluid


Intensive treatment for gently moisturised skin.

The perfect boost to your daily skincare regime. The concentrated combination of active substances in this light fluid effectively supports the skin by protecting it from free radicals. Complex processes promote cell regeneration, hyaluronan provides more volume, plumping and smoothing the skin, while special detox agents protect the skin’s natural barrier. The damaging influences of the environment on your skin – causing its premature ageing – can be minimised with regular use.

BYONIK Concur Anti-Pollution Cream


Multitalented moisturiser for a beautiful complexion.

This delicate cream forms the basis of the CONCUR skincare range. High-quality detox agents are combined in a unique moisturising formula to protect your skin from damaging environmental influences. The latest anti-ageing complexes stimulate the production of six major elements for the skin, hyaluronan helps to replenish the moisture reserves, special proteins help to restore an even complexion and nourishing avocado oil lends your skin a smooth suppleness. Smoothens wrinkles, protects from free radicals and provides intensive moisture – day and night. A must-have for your beauty routine.

BYONIK Concur Anti-Pollution Cream Rich


Brightening moisturiser for stressed skin.

Stressed skin tends towards liver spots, an uneven tone, dryness and a rough texture. Environmental toxins and UV light further intensify the damage. BYONIK® CONCUR CREAM RICH protects your skin around the clock, providing moisture and leaving you with a smoother complexion. Hyaluronan, anti-ageing peptides and nourishing oils provide a smoother, more delicate skin texture. The use of botanicals minimises dark spots and discolouration. At the same time, it prevents the formation of melanin, thus slowing down the pigmentation of the skin – leaving it glowing and even. The ultimate pampering for your skin.

BYONIK Anti-Pollution & Anti-Aging


Anti-Pollution & Anti-Aging.

The BYONIK® CONCUR Anti-Pollution and Anti-Ageing skincare range strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier and nourishes it with our high-quality detox and anti-ageing formula.

BYONIK® CONCUR provides a delicate, youthful complexion, protecting the skin from damaging environmental influences such as allergens, particulates, UV, changes in temperature and dry environments. The skin is able to store more water and looks firmer and refreshed. Small wrinkles are visibly plumped up thanks to the formation of important components such as elastin and collagen, leaving you with a much smoother skin texture.
The skincare experience is rounded off with the elegant scent of black rose.