BYONIK Laser Treatments

Gorgeous glow. Ready to show.

Gentle and penetrating deep into the skin. Without pain and downtime. But with instantly visible effects. Choose your ideal treatment from numerous options.

Exclusively at aesthetic clinics & medical spas.

Exclusively at aesthetic clinics & medical spas.

Treatment Highlight No.1

BYONIK® Facial Deluxe

Enjoy the full wellness routine for a smooth and more contoured complexion. BYONIK Facial Deluxe revitalises your cells and deeply moisturises your skin. Intensive anti-aging ampoules and collagen eye pads are included. Immediately visible results after treatment.

Treatment Highlight No.2


Facilitate skin purification and replenish moisture. The BYONIK Detox treatment encourages metabolic activity, supports your skin cells, and lets your skin breathe again thanks to vital antioxidants. The result: an energized and glowing complexion.

Treatment Highlight No.3

BYONIK® Eye Revolution

Do you know that sparkling look enchanting everyone? BYONIK Eye Revolution smoothens the lower eye area and the upper eyelid with a mask of nearly 100% pure collagen. Congested vessels are gently depuffed by light. The result: irresistible beauty in the blink of an eye.

BYONIK® treatments at a glance